My Recount on Sydney!

I had a great trip to Sydney. It was a blast. Some stand outs of the trip were The Lion King & the Fireworks!

I woke to the sound of mum telling me to “Get Up”, as if she was in a hurry. I was told that we were going to Melbourne for the day so I got up. Once we were organised we jumped in the car & mum said that we had to quickly call past the Sherman’s to pick up a voucher for Lunch in Melbourne. When we arrived at their house Katrina & Meg were standing at their front door with bags. Mum said to me ” Maybe we could stay in Melbourne for a night. We were heading towards Melbourne but mum suddenly turned onto a road were we picked our puppy up before turning into the Avalon airport. Finally Meg told me that we were going to Sydney for 4 days!  We ate some breakfast before boarding our flight.

” Prepare for landing ” the Pilot said over the loud speaker as the seat belt signs came on. I was excited that we had arrived because it seemed like we left Geelong ages ago. The plane hit the ground and we got off. We caught the taxi to the Novotel. We found our room, unpacked our bags and went Shopping. Once we had had enough shopping for a day we went to Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is a wax museum of Famous people. Some of my favourites were Dame Edna, Dani Minogue, Elbert Einstein & the Royal Couple!

Today I woke to the sound of the kettle boiling. Katrina was up at 8:00 making her cup of tea. When we were all up and ready for the day we headed down to the Buffet Breakfast. Their were some delicious foods like Crissants, Muffins & pancakes. Again we started the day off with more shopping until we were over it and then we walked to the Rock Markets. There were not many stalls at the market so we got through it pretty quickly. After the markets we went to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We had a delicious lunch down by the water near the Harbour Bridge. That night we had dinner at a nice restaurant near some shops. There were fireworks at 9:00. The fireworks were some of the best and longest fireworks I had ever seen.

Day 3 = My Birthday. Sadly our trip had almost come to an end. We tried to fit as many things in as we could

Bike Ed Bike Ride 2013

Thursday, November, 2013 Bike Ed Bike Ride

On Thursday the grade 4, 5 and 6’s went for a bike ride. To start the day we split into 2 large groups. We were then put into 6-7 smaller groups and were then chosen a group leader to lead our group thoughout the bike ride. My group leader was Phil Nelson. The 2 larger groups were then directed in 2 different directions. One group went up behind Bunnings while the other road around Torquay road. I found that I enjoyed the Torquay road ride more. After our groups had done both rides we could then choose out of doing another full lap or doing a half lap. I chose the full lap. I had a great day and I am looking forward to next year. Thank you Mr Anderson, Mr Connor and Mrs Harvey for a great day.

Family Tree

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The Little Refugee

My name is Maple and I am Vietnamese. I have been living on a tiny boat out in the wild waters of Vietnam with my Mum, Dad and sister Ann lately. We struggle, there are tears but we brake though it. Since being on the boat I have seen the different side to my family. The sad side. We did not want to come over to Australia, but we were forced to because of war. We have been living on few drops of water per day and raw fish. We have managed to deal with it and brake though it. 

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